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Ellie Kemper


Friday, May 02 1980


36 years, 6 months, 4 days


Kansas City, Missouri, US [ view ]

Eye Color:


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5' 5"



Ellie Kemper [ Actress ]

Famous for her role in the tv series, The Office, Elizabeth Claire Kemper has established herself as a comedic actress. She got her start in improv comedy while going to Princeton University, and toured with Quipfire! and the Princeton Triangle Club. Shortly after gradiating, Ellie Kemper was making appearances in comedy sketches in the tv show Late Night with Conan O'Brien. Eventually, after making a whole bunch of cameos, and writing for the satirical newspaper, "The Onion", Ellie moved to New York and participated in People's Improv Theatre and the Upright Citizens Brigade, and this lead her to appear in the movie "The Bridesmaids alongside Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph.


If she's going to serve as Ellen's guest DJ, she's got to have the skills Ellen sent Ellie to get a lesson in DJing. See how it all went down.

Ellen asked her friend and guest DJ Ellie Kemper to head to the mall and help out with the gift wrapping You don't want to miss this.

Ellie Kemper Interview.

It may not be the kind of bar Ellen is used to, but Ellie Kemper did her best to teach her some moves from this new workout.

Ellen had her guest DJ, the hilarious Ellie Kemper, serve as her Dancer of the Day. These moves are too good not to share.

'The Office' star Ellie Kemper was in the house to spin Ellen's turntables Check it out.

She's made us laugh on 'The Office' and in 'Bridesmaids.' Ellie Kemper was here today to meet Ellen for the first time, and to tell Ellen about her unusual p...

Pete and Ellie talk about boys, Jon Hamm and play Fk Marry Kill in this extended cut. More Pete and Crew @ This is the official YouTu...

Ellen had a special category of 'Heads Up' just for Ellie. Watch her give clues for body parts right here You can get 'Heads Up' for your iPhone or iPad r...

In this episode of Subculture Club we take you to the the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Hollywood, CA. Ellie Kemper, Paul Scheer, Kay Cannon, Jason Man...

A scientificy investigation by the comedian and costar of The Office Subscribe to the all new GQ channel here:

Ellie Kemper dancing. Ellie Kemper from 'The Office' joins Joan in Bed In this episode, they talk about Ellie's journey to the cast of 'The Office',...

Ellie Kemper looks back fondly at one of her favorite episodes.

A blowjob's a blowjob, right? See more CHTV original videos at http:www.collegehumor.comchtv.

The star of 'The Office' was excited to try Ellen's haunted hallway. We wonder if she felt the same way afterward...

Creed tells us about the movie role he turned down and where we should draw the line between the real and the fictional Creed... Also I kind of wish Ellie Ke...

What goes around comes around Ellie Kemper and Rico Rodriguez played Ellen's Australiathemed game Check it out.

Ellie Kemper Plays Special Category 'Heads Up on the Ellen Degeneres Show 2013 Rosie Perez on Getting 'White Men Can't Jump' Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson...

Gift Wrapping Professional Ellie Kemper on The Ellen DeGeneres Show 2013 Gift Wrapping Professional Ellie Kemper on The Ellen DeGeneres Show 2013 Gift Wrappi...

Gift Wrapping Professional Ellie Kemper on The Ellen SHow Gift Wrapping Professional Ellie Kemper on ellen show 2013 Gift Wrapping Professional Ellie Kemper ...

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