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Howard Stern


Tuesday, January 12 1954


62 years, 9 months, 29 days


Jackson Heights, New York City, New York, US [ view ]

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6' 5"

Married To:

Beth Ostrosky

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Friday, October 03 2008

Howard Stern [ Person, Television Personality, Radio Personality, ]

When Howard Stern would make occasional visits with his father, Ben Stern, to the recording studio Aurora Recording Inc. When Howard witnessed actors Wally Cox, Don Adams, and Larry Storch doing their work he was influenced to want to talk on air rather than play records.
Howard Stern would spend two of his first four years at Boston University working at WTBU. While doing this, Howard Stern would get experience spinning records, reading news, and hosting interviews. After finishing University, Howard would gain admission to the School of Publications and would later earn permission to apply for a first class FCC radio-telephone license.
With this license, Howard Stern would get his first professional debut at WNTN performing various duties for a short time. He would graduated from Boston with a degree in Communications.
At first, Howard turned down an offer to work as he was unsure of his talent and questioned his future as a radio personality. After a short time in a different role, Howard realized his mistake of turning down the offer, and contacted WRNW for a position. He was hired full-time pulling in just $96 per week.
Eventually, Howard would spot an advertisement for a position at WCCC in Hartford, Connecticut. He would earn the position, and soon his program would gain popularity and fame. He was to become the most controversial and engaging personality on radio in a long time.


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