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Mel Gibson


Tuesday, January 03 1956


59 years, 2 months, 16 days


Peekskill, New York, US [ view ]

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5' 9"



Mel Gibson [ Person, Actor, Director, Writer ]

Mel Gibson was famous for his action hero style roles in Mad Max and the Lethal Weapon series. He would go on to expand his versatility having starred in dramas like Hamlet and comedy like What Women Want. Mel Gibson would faze his career into directing and producing films. Amongst his most notable were The Man Without a Face and Braveheart. The year 2000 was when Mel Gibson was the most famous having acted in 3 films that grossed over $100 million : The Patriot, Chicken Run, and What Women Want, this would lead to Mel's highest grossing film in his acting career : Signs by M. Night Shyamalan.


Actor Mel Gibson says the film 'Machete Kills' is over the top, and admits it is 'shameless exploitation.' Directed by Robert Rodriguez, the film stars Danny...

At an awards ceremony in Los Angeles, Robert Downey Jr pays tribute to Mel Gibson and asks Hollywood to forgive him for his recent problems.

Mel Gibson Jewish Question Interview Part 1


A new photo was released showing a ripped Mel Gibson in prep for The Expendables 3 Buy movie tickets, get theatre and showtime information now:

The best, the original, straight from the WGN servers, the time when WGNTV Reporter Dean Richards got called an ahole by film star Mel Gibson. THIS IS THE...

Ransom 1996  Full Movie.

the scene where martin saves his son from the english and end fight with tavington. great fight scenes.

Mel Gibson pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor battery charge stemming from a fight involving his thengirlfriend Oksana Grigorieva Friday. Gibson received 3...

Young Man with handicaps,loveless middle age woman.Now theys needs to fight for stay him together. Australian movie from Mel before sucess Mad Max.With the g...

Subscribe to FilmTrailerZone: http:ow.lyadpvg Like us on Facebook: http:ow.lyrduc2 Follow us on Twitter: http:ow.lyay0gU Machete Kills  Official Tr...

'Extra's' Maria Menounos was exclusively on the closed Texas set of 'Machete Kills,' talking with star Mel Gibson and director Robert Rodriguez about the hig...

Mel Gibson, the poster child for Christian's everywhere after his movie Passion of the Christ, shows his true selfrighteous, racist behavior again. A few ye...

Bobbie Wygant interviews Mel Gibson and George Miller for 'Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome'

Was Mel Gibson caught on tape ranting again? posted an audio recording of what they allege to be Mel Gibson going on a tirade this past December a...

ProducerDirector: Carol Patrick: 'The Screening Room with Nancy O'Dell'  A halfhour show promoting the latest releases available on DIRECTV Cinema PPV an...

Rest of the show is about Iraq: http:www.cspanvideo.orgprogramNewsReview1133.

He didn't take it well.

Jodie Foster presents the award for the Best Director in a Motion Picture to Mel Gibson for his film 'Braveheart'. Mel Gibson is honored and thanks the Holly...


This is a joke, this is not really Ovo je napravljeno da se nasalimo i nasmejemoscena iz smrtonosnog oruzja.Svaka slicnost sa likovima i dogadjjima je slu...

A clashing of titans as Christian Bale and Mel Gibson take each other on in a battle of wits and profanity over the phone. Created by Nick Bosworth MovieGod...

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Mel Gibson at the G'day USA gala

Hollywood star Mel Gibson spoke on the red carpet of the G'day USA gala in LA.

From Robert DeNiro to Mel Gibson, How Robert Rodriguez Gets Those Wild Castings

Machete and Spy Kids mastermind Robert Rodriguez plans to bring his gift for wild casting to El Rey, his new Latinflavored, English language network. Rodriguezs two Machete films have brought us Robert DeNiro as a crooked Texas senator, Sofia Vergara as a manhating madame, Mel Gibson as a racist villain with plans to make Mexicans do manual labor in space, and Charlie Sheen as the ...

Report: Robert Downey Jr. Wants Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster for 'Avengers 2'

The 'Iron Man' actor reportedly hasn't given up despite his effort to bring his 'Air America' costar into 'Iron Man 3' getting turned down.

Does Robert Downey Jr. Want Mel Gibson For 'Avengers' Sequel?

The 'Iron Man' actor reportedly wants Marvel to hire friends and Oscarwinners Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster for a future 'Avengers' film.

Robert Downey Jr. Reportedly Wants Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster in The Avengers: Age of Ultron

Robert Downey Jr. and Mel Gibson first worked together twentyfour years ago in the 1990 film Air America and have maintained a friendship ever since. via

WTF: Does Robert Downey Jr. Want Mel Gibson In Avengers: Age Of Ultron?

In the past twenty years, Robert Downey Jr. and Mel Gibson have all but switched places. Back then Gibson was one of the biggest stars in the world and Downey Jr. was known for being a partying troublemaker. Fast forward to now, and thanks to Marvel, Downey is one of the biggest box office stars on the planet []

Robert Downey Jr. Wants Mel Gibson in The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Rumor has it that Robert Downey Jr. is pushing for Marvel Studios to add his pals Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson to 'The Avengers: Age of Ultron' or its followup. The post Robert Downey Jr. Wants Mel Gibson in The Marvel Cinematic Universe appeared first on Screen Rant .

Gibson's time on the outer ends

THE return of Mel Gibson to the movie mainstream could be happening in 2015, despite his troubled past.

Downey Jr. begs bosses to give Mel Gibson a job

Robert Downey Jr. wants to throw a bone to his old pals Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster by getting them a role in the next Avengers movie.

Downey Jr. wants to help pals

Robert Downey Jr. reportedly wants Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster to work with him in a new Avengers movie.








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