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Russell Brand


Wednesday, June 04 1975


39 years, 10 months, 6 days


Grays, Essex, England, UK [ view ]

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Russell Brand [ Person, Actor, ]

Russell Edward Brand made his theatrical debut at the age of 15 in a school production of Bugsy Malone. This exposure led Russell to follow a career in acting. He began work as an extra, and applied and accepted at Italia Conti Academy. He didn't last long though, for he was expelled for drug use and bad behaviour. He would later use these experiences as part of his regular stand up routine where he rose to fame.


Russell Brand is back with his new stand up tour the Messiah Complex. Watch him point out both the virtues and the flaws of some histories most influential f...

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Russell seeks common ground with the notoriously antigay leaders. Subscribe to Russell Brand on YouTube: http:goo.glfuVrX LIKE Russell on Facebook: https...

Newsnight's Jeremy Paxman talks to Russell Brand about voting, revolution and beards, as he launches his guest edit for the New Statesman.

Russell Brand on Chatty Man Alan Carr  Christmas Special 2013 Source: http:www.channel4.comprogrammesalancarrchattyman4od.

A very funny interview with comedian Russell Brand who is setting out on a world comedy tour. Buy your tickets by visiting his website. Comedian Russell Bran...

Video: Russell Brand Blasts Syrian War Disinformation http:www.infowars.comvideorussellbrandbreaksdownsyriadestroysmainstreammedia After his MSNB...

From Jennifer Lawrence to Teresa Palmer, the 'Brand X' host is spellbound by the beauty of Hollywood's ladies. More CONAN @ http:teamcoco.comvideo Team Co...

Russell Brand interview on Huffington Post Live on June 11, 2013 Discussing his world tour Messiah Complex, spiritual revolution, and political systems Sourc...

Complete video of Russell Brand speaking to the Parliamentary Committee today. Video is from the Parliament Archive at

HELP SPREAD THIS VIDEO AND MESSAGE Links to everything I talked about in this video: Please Visit: https:www.facebook.comTheArcaneFront https:www.f...

Russell Brand full interview with Liz Hayes on 60 minutes.

Russel Brand Talks Appearance on MSNBC, Mainstream Media Propaganda & Chemical Attack In Syria After his MSNBC appearance challenging the talking heads of ma...

Russell Brand RustyRockets_ is on Adam Hills Last Leg Program and as we see throughout the interview Russell Brand is indeed what he claims as well as being...

Thanks for the amazing response, here's a download link to the audio for you to carry with you: https:soundcloud.comtimothyshieffloveisallthatmatter...

http:bit.ly1aHYl9P We are facing a unique crisis as our renewed vigor for attaining enlightenment clashes with our materialist based economy and fearbase...

Rainn Wilson seduces Russell Brand into the back of his minivan to ask him a few of life's big questions What emotion terrifies you more than all others? L...

SUBSCRIBE TO NORM at: Watch Norm EVERY MONDAY. Norm Macdonald and Adam Eget welcome comedian and actor Russell Brand on ...

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Russell Brand talks to Alex Jones about humanity's spiritual revolution and the source of the elite's power. https:twitter.comrustyrockets http:www.russ...

Not knowing she is married, Russell Brand isn't shy about his infatuation with Katharine, who is trying to tell Jimmy about her Super Bowl experience. Subscr...

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Russell Brand Tells Cambridge Students To 'Shut Up You Harry Potter Pfs', Talks About Running For Prime Minister

Comedian Has His Own 'brand' Of Humour

Russell Brand under pressure to apologise after being accused of making homophobic slur

It seems wherever Russell Brand goes he somehow finds a way to offend people but he's probably outdone himself now. Katy Perry's exhusband has mocked and let's count them off rich people, smart people, gay people and Harry Potter fans all at once.

Russell Brand accused of using gay slur

British funnyman Russell Brand has come under fire for allegedly using a gay slur during a talk at a prestigious UK university.

Russell Brand Tells Cambridge University Students: Shut Up Harry Potter Poofs

Russell Brand has continued his foray into politics, this time following an appearance at Cambridge Union , where he told students to 'shut up you Harry Potter poofs'. Topshop boss Philip Green didn't escape Brand's sharp tongue either, with the comedian calling him 'a ct' , according to The Cambridge Student. Brand speaks to the educated masses Talking on a more series note, Brand told his ...

Russell Brand calls for a revolution at Cambridge University

The keen audience arrived at the Union hours early on the cold, wet Monday night. By half past 6 the queue was snaking around Sidney Street and Round Church Street as late arrivals cross their fingers in the hope of at least squeezing in one of the many video rooms set up.

Russell Brand calls Cambridge Students 'Harry Potter pfs' at Cambridge Students' Union address

Comedian Russell Brand called Cambridge University students 'Harry Potter pfs' during a Union address on Monday night.

Russell Brand tells Cambridge University that Nick Clegg 'broke his word' on tuition fees

OUTSPOKEN comedian Russell Brand told Cambridge University students that Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats broke their word on tuition fees.

Russell Brand Warned To Apologise Over Alleged Gay Slur At University Talk

British funnyman Russell Brand has come under fire for allegedly using a gay slur during a talk at a prestigious U.K. university.The comedian...

Russell Brand: I took drugs because I was lonely

Russell Brand took drugs because he felt ''lonely''.The British comedian admits he thought heroin was ''beautiful'' when he first tried it and says...

Rise up, says the charming Russell Brand

My way of joking is to tell the truth, proclaimed Russell Brands Tshirt as he charmed students at the Cambridge Union last night with his potent cocktail of bleedinghearted sentiment and irreverent wit.











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